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Solvent free paints

Solvents are harmful to health and highly toxic. The myth of linseed oil paint needing solvents to absorb into the tree, is not true. Allbäck linseed oil paint is completely solvent-free and thinners are not used when painting. In the wide range of Rakennusapteekki you can find solvent free paints: Allbäck linseed oil paint, Falu Rödfärg and Hangon Väri paints, and Linus roof and wall paint.


Rakennusapteki helos are manufactured in accordance with the Finnish building tradition, i.e. with the same shapes, materials and surface treatment solutions. If you cannot find the lamp you are looking for in our selection, we can make it in steel, brass or wood with various surface treatments such as chrome-plated, nickel-plated, tin-plated, etc.

Ifö Electric Luminaires

The Ohm lighting series designed by Kauppi & Kauppi has models for both indoor and outdoor use. The selection includes permanently installed ceiling and wall lamps as well as table models with a plug cord. Ifö Electric lamps are made of porcelain and glass in Sweden. Discover the wide selection of Ifö Electric lamps.

Fresh air vent by Rakennusapteekki

Rakennusapteekki’s fresh air vent is a product manufactured in Finland. The high quality and the durable structure ensure a great functionality. The double insulation prevents condensation from forming on the surface of the vent.

Clay brick roof by Rakennusapteekki

Rakennusapteki's roof tile selection includes one- and two-wave clay roof tiles in red, brown and blue-black. Roof tiles are suitable for both new construction and renovation of an old roof. The roof tiles are made for the harsh conditions of the north. Ask for a quote from Rakennusapteek.

Forged iron products

In our wide selection you will find forged fittings, hinges, handles, nails and many other products. Our selection also includes many cast iron products for indoor and outdoor use.

Building materials

Linen water in different shapes and sizes. Also tarred.​ We also deliver high-quality paper in 500 x 500 mm sheets individually or in bundles of 50 pieces.​ There are also many other building materials in Valoikoima, such as cardboard, construction and window paper.