Handmade tiles for bathroom and kitchen
Our tiles have a vibrant glaze in all shades of the rainbow. Monochrome tiles can be combined with multicolored tiles or calm harmonious surfaces can be selected. Textured tiles bring life to the layout and can be combined into full-patterned surfaces. The hand-glazed range includes a variety of glazes: dripping colour-green, cracked and pearly options.

Rakennusapteekki offers hand-painted kitchen tiles inspired by old Delft tiles. The patterns can be made entirely of patterned surfaces or combined with creamy white tiles of the same set. Each order is burned separately to make the base color as similar as possible throughout the batch. Frame lists and angular lists are available in blue and white.

Dyed clinkers are highly wear resistant. You can combine different shades into a pattern or tiled monochrome tiles staight or beveled. Welcome to our store to ask for planning help and inspiration.

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