Border Black Row, Branch Paper/ Black

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Please note that wallpaper cannot be returned or replaced. If you are unsure about coloring, pattern or suitability, we are happy to send a model before the actual order. Please contact Building Pharmacy.

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Genuine wallpaper printed with adhesive paint is completely plastic-free paper wallpaper. The wallpaper is printed with the old Rosenkone machine and the method does not require a plastic film to withstand the colour or plastic-containing eyelads for printing. Wallpaper is made of cellulose glue, linseed oil, chalk and pigments. That's all. Thanks to linseed oil, however, the wallpaper is very resistant to wiping with water. All models are replicas of old models and have original coloring. There are also variations in coloring in each pattern, e.g. lighter shades. The wallpapers show patterns from different eras from the 18th century to the 1960s.

Returning and replacing the product is not allowed.

Additional information

Weight 0,5 kg

Surface untreated


Black pattern on branch paper.


Use Lim&Handtryck's cellulose glue to maintain the breathability of the wall and wallpaper. cellulose glue is suitable for all wall types; cardboard, clay paste, concrete, etc. Also suitable for plates such as plasterboards, porous woodfibreboards, etc. This point also does not make patches on the front of the wallpaper or can be seen through the wallpaper. The wallpaper can be wiped with damp. 1 bag is enough for about 5 rolls of wallpaper.


Wallpaper with a brush or sponge. Do not use the spatula.

Cleaning of equipment

Water and soap. The front of the wallpaper can be wiped with wall and lukewarped water when wallpapering.


Stored dry.


Dispatched within

2-3 weeks