Door handle to the new door. Model National Theater.

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Door handle new door and lock. Fastening with through screws. Nickel brass. Screws included.

Door button length 100mm, out of wall 60mm. Disks DIA Forty-eightmm.

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The Art Nouveau button of the National Theatre was manufactured at the beginning of the last century in the factories of Björkboda Ruukin Osakeyhtiö in Kemiönsaari, Finland. The button has round cover plates. The original locking pin has been converted into adjustable fixing screws to fit a wide range of doors and locks. Rakennusapteekki's buttons are made using the same casting methods as the originals and the mottling and finishing is still done by hand. The current name of the button is due to the restoration of the Helsinki National Theatre, for which the button was remanufactured. 

Door handle are made to last for decades. The button and cover plates are made of solid brass and the other parts are made of steel. No plastic is used. All parts can be purchased as spare parts. All parts of the product and packaging can be recycled.

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Handle thickness:13-20 mm/ Plate 3 mm/ Spindle 8×8 mm


Plate 48 mm