Linseed oil wax Black 2 dl

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Linseed oil wax, solvent-free. Linseed oil wax provides a protective surface for wood. It is perfect for all wooden surfaces; floors, furniture, objects, etc. Stacks of concrete, terracotta and stone also become silky frosted and easy to clean. Linseed oil-painted surfaces can be waxed for additional protection and the old linseed oil-painted surface is renewed by waxing. Since wax contains a large amount of linseed oil, it can also be painted later. Wax consists of protein-free linseed oil, and beeswax. All shades can be mixed together and darker shades can be "diluted" with clear wax. Waxing is done only once and provides a surface that can be used in surfaces that are on heavy use. The wax surface is easy to renew and maintain.

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Linseed oil wax can be used to wax wood-clean surfaces and surfaces previously painted with linseed oil paint.


30-40 m2/1 l, depending on the base

Drying time

Approx. 1 to 2 days at room temperature.


Swedish boiled and cold-pressed linseed oil, beeswax, pigment, manganese-sized, water


It'll get thinner when the wax is applied. The heat formed by the friction of application thins the wax.


sponge or cloth.

Cleaning of equipment

Soak in water. Linseed oiled rags can self-ignite!


Remains warm for several years

Please note!

Linseed oil rags, towels, papers and textiles can spontaneously ignite before they have dried up. Spread the rags to dry or immerse them in water.