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Rakennusapteekki is a manufacturer of traditional building materials, a wholesaler and, above all, a centre of expertise. Our goal is to ensure the availability of traditional construction products and a high quality standard.
We want to maintain traditional production methods and nurture the use of traditional materials together with our extensive cooperation network. Thanks to our extensive model library, we can store information on the details of Finland's building history.

Our products correspond to their original designs and they are suitable for the surroundings of traditional or modern buildings. We are happy to help you use the products so that you can get the most out of them. In this way, the timeless, ecological and durable product will remain a beautiful detail for a long time. We serve our customers in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Our subsidiary Rakennusapteekki Services is a leading designer and implementer of demanding restoration projects. The information gathered through large projects is used to maintain the traditional Finnish construction style.

Our brands are e.g. Ifö Electric lamps, Allbäck's solvent-free linseed oil products, Randers clay roof tiles, Falu Punamult paint, Segula LED light sources, Skånska ljusfabriken candles, Rakennusapteek's tuoh, Billsmide forged products, Musta Lintu handmade tiles, Wire&Mire handmade tiles, Sprakareds enamel signs, Spotheater tools, Ziko linen products.

Our story

The idea of a good life

Rakennusapteekki is the idea of a good life. Healthy living, an aesthetic environment and participation in the preservation of cultural heritage.

Rakennusapteekki develops materials and methods that have been successfully used for tens and even hundreds of years. We develop products thoughtfully and use forgotten knowledge and skills while guaranteeing products of high quality and a long service life.

We are particularly interested in aesthetic solutions based on our building heritage. We want to preserve it so that the next generations can also enjoy the work well done and the finely executed details. It is not enough for us to produce products according to old models, but the products must be similar to the originals.

Our concept SLOW LIVING includes a product family, where the main focus is on organic construction, which is suitable for both old houses and new construction. We work to ensure that our products are ecological during their entire life cycles. The organic mentioned on the jar alone is not enough for us! We help in the use of products with which we build above all a healthier future.


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