Great fittings finish the job!

Rakennusapteekki's fittings are accurate copies of history in terms of shape, materials and surface treatment. For example, the door handle of the National Theatre of Finland, originally manufactured at the Björkbeda lock factory at the beginning of the 20th century. We offer the same fitting, similarly made and with the same handmade decoration!

We have decided to offer fittings made in Europe. We want to know our partners and be sure that the products are manufactured responsibly. At the moment, there have only a few fittings left in our range with the origin outside of Europe. You can check the country of origin of individual products from the product information. If the fitting you are looking for is not found in the standard range, we can make them of steel, brass, wood or they can be forged. The surface can be finished with nickel, chrome, tinting, etc. Contact Rakennusapteekki for special orders.

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