We bring light into your home!

Rakennusapteekki offers quality lighting for both outdoor and indoor use in wet and dry spaces. The selection includes, among other things, high-quality and long-lasting Ifö Electric lamps that are suitable for both public and private installations. Ifö lamps are available for both indoor and outdoor use. Ifö's lamps are manufactured in Sweden and their expected lifetime is very long, and spare parts are available for all models since the 1950s. We also represent Kulturjern lamps, i.e. the original 'Kultur' product family from which other companies in Sweden have since been born. Durable lamps are mainly made of cast iron, copper sheet and enameled parts in different colors for stable lamp shades. Kulturjern also offers solutions for LED technology that ensure that the lamps do not rust. The lamps are suitable for home yards, and the funky series also includes models for modern buildings. On the public side, Kulturjern offers models for parks and markets.

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