Windows – the most important building parts of a house!

Old windows are worth restorating. The quality of wood in old windows is considerably higher than in today's windows. Also the glass of old windows is mouth-blown or pulled. That makes the window surface lively and vibrant. Old glass lets light in beautifully and fittings of old windows are often of very high quality. If renovation is done with the right materials and methods, old windows are more durable, heat-isolated, functional and beautiful than new windows would be.

The secret of linseed oil-resistant windows
Linseed oil implying old window frameworks is necessary to last for hundreds of years. This has been known since the 17th century. Linseed oil permeation requires the right kind of linseed oil; cold pressed, refined linseed oil from which impurities and protein have been removed, such as Allbäck flax oil. Allbäck linseed oil products made from this linseed oil.

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