Posted: 21 February 2022

Retrieving hourly and summer worker

Rakennusapteekki is looking for a hard-working and meticulon hourly and summer employee at the Billnäs office. You can work alongside studies and in the summer full-time. We need help with product services, logistics and sales.  We are looking for more than one person for different positions, so apply boldly if you recognize yourself from the criteria below:

– Very careful and long-term. Managing product information requires accuracy and patience.

– Quick to learn new things.

– Flexible in terms of work tasks.

– Self-help and capable of independent work.

– Good computer skills and e.g. Microsoft Excel should be familiar.

– Very good Swedish and Finnish language skills. Good English.

Since our season starts already in March, we are happy to hire a person part-time already in February. For more information on the work, please visit Ceo Rabbe Ringbom, 040-5935927 Monday – Thursday between 9:00 and 11:00. You can also find additional information about the company online rakennusapteekki.fi.

Send your application and CV in Swedish to: [email protected]