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Event: Home&Found 10-12 June 2022

We are participating in the Home&Found event, which will take place on June 10-12 in Raasepori. It is our pleasure to serve you during the event weekend in Billnäs. We have a summer cleaning going on in our premises and we are making room for our new products, so we are selling off products that are leaving our range and models at fair discounts during this event weekend.

We are open 10-12.6:
Fri-Sat at 10-17
Sun at 10-15

During this event weekend, there are various things to see and experience in Raasepor. Various homes, destinations and events around Raasepor are on display. You can find out more about the program offerings and schedules of others on the Home&Found website.


Vi deltar i events Home&Found, som ordnas i Raseborg den 10-12.6. Vi gläds av att kunna betjäna er i Billnäs under eventerengsvekkoslutet. We have sommarstädning på gån som bäst and we make rum for new products, so we sell outgoing products and models with proper discounts during the weekend i ask.

Opening hours 10-12.6:
Fri-Sat at 10-17
Lunch at 10-15

Home&Found offers diverse experiences and attractions. Uställda finns hem, fastigheter, och eventerung runtom i Raseborg. Du kan bekanta dig med de andra deltagarnas programutbud på Home&Founds website.