AAGE Vent Fresh air vent, with filter frame and filter.

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The AAGE Vent fresh air valve is designed for rooms with gravitational ventilation or mechanical exhaust ventilation. The AAGE Vent fresh air valve can be operated with or without a filter. The valve's double-insulated hatch effectively prevents condensation and runoff of condensate. When closed, the valve is sealed. The valve is sound and heat insulated. The mounting frame facilitates installation and allows you to replace the filter without the use of tools. The AAGE Vent system is designed for both dry and wet rooms. The AAGE Vent AB20 with filter is used to prevent the penetration of dust, soot or pollen into living quarters. The valve installation dimension is 174×145/ 160mm, the external dimension is 240x214mm.

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INSTRUCTIONS AND OTHER FILES: AAGE Vent_asennusohje_installationsguide_FI_SE.pdf

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