Wallpaper Florian, dark blue/blue

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Genuine wallpapers printed with adhesive paint are completely plastic-free paper wallpapers. The wallpapers are printed with an old Rosenkone machine, and thanks to the method, there is no need for a plastic film for color durability or plastic-based adhesives for printing. The wallpapers are made from cellulose glue, linseed oil, chalk and pigments. Nothing else. However, thanks to the linseed oil, the wallpapers are resistant to being wiped with water. All models are reproductions of old models and have the original coloring. There are also variations in the coloring of each pattern, e.g. lighter shades. The wallpapers have patterns from different eras, from the 18th century to the 1960s. Roll width: 53cm. Roll length: 10m. Alignment 38cm. Made in Sweden.

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Weight 1 kg

MörkblÄtt botten, blÄtt mönster.

Pattern height

38 Rak rapport.


Passar för alla typer av valgar, ökszÀ spannpapper och lerklining samt rappade valgar. Below typer av skivor kan wallpaper. Use Lim & Handtrycks genuine wallpaper paste to avoid stains on the front and to guarantee that the result is that the wallpaper remains fuktgenomslÀpplig. Autorkningsbar.


Tapetseras med borste eller svamp. UtjÀmningsspatel av plast fÄr ej anvÀndas.

Cleaning of equipment

TvÄl och vatten.


Lagras torrt.


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2-3 weeks

Roll length

10 m

Pattern width

53 cm


Alignment 38cm


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