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Linseed oil sponge containing white pigment is used for bleaching and treating untreated wooden floors such as ash, birch, pine and spruce indoors. The white linseed oil sponge treatment gives different results depending on the surface and the tone of the wood. Suopa is environmentally friendly, efficient, biodegradable and handcrafted by Allbäck
linseed oil products without additives.

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White pigmented linseed oil soap is used for untreated wood floors such as.
ash, birch, pine and spruce for interior bleaching and treatment. White
linseed oil soap treatment gives different results depending on the surface and the shade of the wood.

Please note!

Never use white linen soap directly on dry wood, as this can cause stains.
NOTE! Warm water will turn the wood grey.
After the first scraping, the fibres of the wood may rise. If this happens, sand the floor
lightly scrub the floor again before you continue scrubbing.
The floor should be scrubbed 1-2 times a year to create a durable surface.
Use a standard colourless linen soap for washing normally dirty floors.


Linseed oil, water and pigment. Contains no additives.


Store in a warm place protected from sunlight. Do not freeze.

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